Simple Log Service

An all-in-one service for log-type data

Simple Log Service is a complete real-time data logging service. Simple Log Service supports collection, consumption, shipping, search, and analysis of logs, and improves the capacity of processing and analyzing large amounts of logs.


Ease of use
Completes data accumulations from more than 30 data sources within five minutes.
Enriched features
Fully supports real-time and offline computing, and seamlessly connects to Alibaba Cloud software, open-source software, and commercial software.
Stable and reliable
Deploys reliable high-availability service nodes in data centers around the world.
You can set the access permissions for individual rows so that the same report is displayed differently for each user role.


  • Fully-managed Service


    Completes connections to data sources within five minutes without any management cost.

    Ease of use

    Completes connections to data sources over any networks within five minutes by using the Logtail agent.


    Log Service fully supports Kafka, elastic scaling, delay alarms, and all streaming computing systems, such as Spark Streaming, Storm, StreamCompute, Flink, and Consumer Library (automatic load balancing). Log Service can integrate with other products, such as CloudMonitor and Application Real-Time Monitoring Service (ARMS). The usage cost is reduced by more than 50%, compared with deploying your own system.


    Log Service saves search results, and provides dashboards and reports. The usage cost is reduced by more than 50%, compared with deploying your own system.

  • Integrations and Configurations

    Integrated with Alibaba Cloud software, open-source software, and commercial software.


    LogHub supports more than 30 data accumulation tools, such as Logstash and Fluent, for easy integration with embedded devices, webpages, servers, and programs. LogHub integrates with various consumer systems, such as Spark Streaming, Storm, Flink, StreamCompute, CloudMonitor, and ARMS.


    Supports user-defined partitions and multiple data formats, such as TextFile, SequenceFile, and Parquet, and ships data to storage engines, such as Presto, Hive, Spark, Hadoop, E-MapReduce, MaxCompute, and HybridDB.


    Supports the complete search and analysis syntax that is compatible with SQL-92, and supports connections using Restful APIs and Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), and visual analysis tools, such as Grafana, DataV, Zipkin, and Jaeger.

  • Real-time Response

    Processes large amounts of data in real time.


    LogHub processes written data in real time. Collection agent Logtail collects and transmits data to Log Service in real time, with an availability of 99.9%.


    Writes, searches, and analyzes data in real time. Multiple search conditions are used to search more than one billion items of data within one second, and multiple aggregation conditions are used to analyze more than 100 million items of data within one second.

  • Comprehensive APIs and SDKs

    Build your own system

    Log Service supports various use cases: monitoring, growth attacking, SIEM and more.


    APIs and SDKs support multiple features and programming languages, to easily manage and serve more than one million devices.

    Search and analysis

    Simple syntax that is compatible with SQL-92 and multiple APIs for easy integrations with related service software.

How it works

  • SIEM Flow on Alibaba Cloud
  • Real-time Data Accumulation
  • Real-time Search and Analysis
  • Real-time Computing and Data Scrubbing
  • Connections with the Data Warehouse
SIEM Flow on Alibaba Cloud

SIEM Solution

SIEM combines Security Information Management and Security Event management. It supports threat detection, compliance and security incident management through the collection and analysis of security events, as well as a wide variety of other event and contextual data sources.

Out-of-box SIEM Ability

  • Comprehensive Data Collections

    Cross multiple accounts, transformation and retention

  • Uniformed query and analytics capability

    Interactive query and analytics syntax, ML algorithm and visualization

  • Threats detection and response

    Using built-in LogService alert rules or customize them to detect threats, manage alerts notification and incident response.

  • Ship logs to a SIEM system over Syslog

    Syslog is a widely used logging standard that is applicable to most security information and event management (SIEM) systems, such as IBM QRadar and HP ArcSight. Log Service be able to ship logs to a SIEM system over Syslog. You could write a program based on consumer groups in Log Service.

Real-time Data Accumulation

Real-time data accumulation

Real-time data accumulation

LogHub collects large amounts of logs in real time, such as Metric, Event, BinLog, TextLog, and Click. This service is cost-effective.


  • Ease of use

    Provides more than 30 real-time data accumulation methods to allow you to quickly build a Log Service platform. Powerful configuration and management capabilities help to reduce the workload of operating and maintaining nodes around the world.

  • Elastic scaling

    Easily handles peak-hour traffic and incremental service data.

Related Products & Services

Real-time Search and Analysis

Real-time search and analysis

LogSearch/Analytics supports indexing data in LogHub in real time, and provides multiple search methods based on keywords, fuzzy match, context, range, and SQL aggregation.


  • Real-time response

    Writes and searches data in real time.

  • Mass data

    Supports PB-level daily indexing.

  • Powerful analysis

    Supports multiple search methods such as SQL aggregation and analysis.


Real-time Computing and Data Scrubbing

Real-time computing and data scrubbing

StreamCompute and data scrubbing

LogHub supports integrations with various real-time computing services, provides comprehensive progress monitoring and alarms, and customizes data consumption using SDKs and APIs.


  • Ease of use

    Provides comprehensive SDKs and programming frameworks for seamless connections with multiple stream computing engines.

  • Comprehensive features

    Provides enriched monitoring data and delay alarms.

  • Elastic scaling

    Real-time PB-level elastic scaling.


Connections with the Data Warehouse

Connections with the data warehouse

Data warehouse

LogShipper ships data from LogHub to storage services, and supports various storage methods, such as compression, user-defined partitions, row storage, and column storage.


  • Mass data

    Processes unlimited scales of data.

  • Multiple storage formats

    Supports multiple storage formats, such as row, column, and TextFile storage formats.

  • Flexible configuration

    Supports user-defined partitions and other configurations.


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