IoT Edge

IoT Edge allows for the management of millions of edge nodes by extending the capabilities of the cloud, thus providing users with services at the nearest location.

In public beta (free of charge)

Intelligent Edge Computing Scheme

IoT Edge fully integrates cloud and edge computing and has native support for Alibaba Cloud. The service comes with communication protocol development, remote operation and maintenance, and edge application frameworks, all of which makes business development simpler and more efficient.

IoT Edge is compatible with a large variety of IoT application layer data collection protocols. It shields the differences in underlying hardware communication links, standardizes data conversion, and provides standard object model data, enabling cloud applications to seamlessly use edge capabilities.

Compatible with 1000+ Devices

Compatible with 1000+ Devices

IoT Edge allows devices to use ecological drivers for quick migration to the cloud after debugging, and supports multi-programing-language development frameworks.

A Reliability Assurance of 99.9%

A Reliability Assurance of 99.9%

The cloud management service has a service availability of 99.9%, and provides several capabilities including network disconnection, hot active standby, and edge clusters to address different failure modes.

1/10 of the Costs of Traditional Schemes

1/10 of the Costs of Traditional Schemes

By providing a full range of secondary development tools and a large variety of tailored solutions, IoT Edge reduces the long-term costs of IoT systems.

Carefully crafted ability

Easy Access and High Compatibility

IoT Edge is compatible with most programming languages, with support for C, Python, and Node.js. Moreover, you can use function computing or driver programming to quickly connect devices to edge computing nodes. IoT Edge also supports resumable uploads, offline access to edge nodes, automatic data cache, and automatic synchronization of cached data over the Internet.

Remote O&M and Monitoring

In the IoT Edge console, you can view the status of IoT-connected devices and computing resources or configure alarm rules for these resources in only a few clicks. You can also access the console remotely and share O&M responsibilities or connection methods with other tenants.

Optimized Computing with Edge Clusters

IoT Edge supports multi-gateway cooperative access devices, as well as distributed computing. You can flexibly configure computing priorities for the centralized computing of distributed access device data. You can quickly develop applications and seamlessly deploy them to edge nodes through scenario rules, function computing and stream data analyses.

Cloud Integred Computing

You can configure and manage computing rules and local business applications in the cloud, and synchronize these to the edge gateway through the deployment function and run automatically. Edge devices support offline operation, so that you can quickly respond to local events by operating the data generated by a device locally. The device can continue to run in a disconnected or weak network environment, after the network is restored, the latest data can be synchronized to the cloud.

Edge Hot Standby

Local dual-host hot standby is used to prevent interruptions to business-critical application caused by hardware failures. The master-slave switching logic is flexible and configurable, and supports two automatic switching policies: priority policy and equal switching. It switches event cloud records and supports fast query.

Edge Intelligence Computing

IoT Edge supports local AI through an edge AI framework and common AI model formats, and it also provides containerized management capabilities. You can flexibly configure the mapping between containers and peripherals.

Application Scenarios

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