IoT Platform

Provides secure and reliable communication between devices and the IoT Platform which allows you to manage a large number of devices on a single IoT Platform.

Alibaba Cloud IoT Platform allows IoT companies stable communication between devices and the IoT Platform. Featuring nodes deployed globally, devices around the world can communicate with the IoT platform rapidly and with low latency. Alibaba Cloud IoT Platform also provides various security measures that guarantee individual device security as well as secure communication between devices and the IoT platform. Critical to Alibaba Cloud's IoT Platform is its data storage and processing capabilities which allow for the integration of APIs and other Alibaba Cloud services. Finally, Alibaba Cloud IoT platform is highly customizable, featuring a rules engine for rapid data analysis, storage, and application development.


Supports device access worldwide, from a variety of networks and providers that are all based on different protocols.
Maintains connections for hundreds of millions of devices, allows millions of devices to communicate with the IoT Platform at the same time, and guarantees 99.9% availability.
Device authentication ensures the security and uniqueness of each device, and encrypted communication makes sure your data is not tampered with during transfer.
Provides end-to-end device management that allows you to monitor devices in real time and build applications by integrating other Alibaba Cloud services based on the rules engine.


Connecting Devices

Supports device access on different networks, platforms, providers and regions.

Supports numerous network types

Supports device access from different network types, such as 2G, 3G, 4G, NB-IoT, and Lora, and allows devices in different networks to be connected to IoT Platform.

Supports various network protocols

Provides SDKs to enable device access based on different protocols, such as MQTT, CoAP, and HTTP. These protocols allow persistent connections to ensure real-time communication and supports short-lived connections which save power.

Open source device SDKs

Supports different languages, such as C, Node.js, and Java, and provides the SDK porting guide to help you port the SDKs to different hardware platforms.

Device Communication

Provides stable and secure communication between devices and the IoT Platform.


Supports upstream and downstream connections that are both stable and reliable.

Device Shadow

Device shadow services store device information on IoT Platform which ensures communication reliability when your WLAN is unstable.


Provides multiple security features to secure devices.

Device Authentication

Provides a unique certificate to authenticate each device. This design reduces security risks.

Secure Communication

Supports TLS transmission to protect the confidentiality and integrity of data.

Permission Management

Permission management ensures secure communication between devices and IoT Platform.

Device Management

Provides comprehensive device management.

Lifecycle Management

Allows you to register, delete or disable a device.

Device Management

Allows you to dynamically obtain device information and sends notifications when device settings have changed.

Device Permissions

Allows you to manage the device permissions for communicating with IoT Platforms.


Supports OTA updates to allow remote firmware updates.


Performs digital modeling of devices to facilitate application integration.

Device Relationships

Allows sub-device access and sub-device management.

Supports Management Tags

Provides device tags to help you manage a large number of devices.

Rules Engine

Allows you to integrate with other Alibaba Cloud services and business systems.


Allows you to configure custom rules to achieve M2M communication between devices.

Data Storage

Allows you to import device data to Alibaba Cloud storage services, such as Table Store, ApsaraDB for RDS, and High-Performance Time Series Database (HiTSDB).

Data Computation

Allows you to seamlessly integrate with Alibaba Cloud compute services, such as Function Compute, StreamCompute, and MaxCompute.

Message Queue

Allows you to send data to MNS and MQ queues. This feature ensures the reliability of the upstream data collected from devices.


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