Elastic Container Instance

An agile and secure serverless container instance service.

Elastic Container Instance (ECI) is an agile and secure serverless container instance service. You can easily run containers without managing servers. Also you only pay for the resources that have been consumed by the containers. ECI helps you focus on your business applications instead of managing infrastructure.


Serverless Containers
With ECI, you can focus on business development and innovation without the need to create clusters and manage the infrastructure.
Flexible Deployment
Containers with custom specifications can be created and automatically scaled up within seconds during traffic spikes.
Community Compatibility
ECI works with Kubernetes clusters through Virtual Kubelet.
Service Integration
ECI has integrated Alibaba Cloud services, such as VPC, Log Service, and CloudMonitor.


Container Infrastructure Management

To run containers, you only need to provide container images, without the need to manage the servers that run the containers.

Run Containers without Managing Servers

You can run containers without the need to manage clusters and maintain the servers that run the containers.

Compute Capability Declaration

To schedule and deploy resources, you only need to declare the compute capability.

Custom Specifications

Multiple container group specifications are available. You can choose to add containers of different specifications to a container group as needed.

Minimum Container Specification

Containers have a minimum specification of 0.25 vCPU and 0.5 GB memory.

Minimum Container Group Specification

Container groups have a minimum specification of 1 vCPU and 2 GB memory.

Maximum Specification

Both containers and container groups have a maximum specification of 4 vCPUs and 16 GB memory.

Billing Per-usage and Per-second

This service is billed based on the container instance running time and the amount of resources that the instance has consumed during the running time.

Billing Per-usage

Fees are calculated based on the container instance running time.

Billing Per-second

Per-second billing is used and the billing cycle is 1 hour.

Quick Auto Scaling

You can start multiple containers and deploy these containers in seconds.

Quick Response

Containers can be created and up-scaled in seconds for demanding workloads.

Custom Auto Scaling Rules

Multiple rules and scaling group specifications are available for auto scaling.

Compatibility with Kubernetes

You can use the Kubernetes API to schedule container instances as pods.

Compatibility with Pod

Based on Virtual Kubelet, ECI supports the Kubernetes API.

Support for Kubernetes Clusters

ECI allows you to create Kubernetes clusters.


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