Elastic High Performance Computing

A HPCaaS cloud platform providing an all-in-one high-performance public computing service

Based on Alibaba Cloud infrastructure, Alibaba Cloud Elastic High Performance Computing (E-HPC) is an end-to-end public cloud service. E-HPC provides individual users, education and research institutions, and public institutions with a fast, elastic, and secure cloud compute platform that interconnects with Alibaba Cloud products.


Easy to use
E-HPC provides flexible configuration options and allows you to create ECS or EGS computing clusters with ease. The service is ready for use on purchase.
Auto scaling
E-HPC dynamically increases or reduces computing nodes in the cluster. The performance is not limited by the capacity of a single physical server.
The service provides highly secured multi-tenant segregation to meet high availability and data security requirements.
E-HPC can be seamlessly integrated with other products and services of Alibaba Cloud through the user console.


  • High-performance compute nodes

    Industry-leading Skylake CPU and Pascal GPU are used.

  • Flexible cluster management

    You can create HPC clusters in the cloud as required. E-HPC can eliminate job queue times and automatically scale nodes and specifications to suit business needs.

  • Scalable HPC software stack

    Provides HPC software to cover most user needs at multiple levels, including operating systems, cluster management, task scheduling, and industry applications.

Common Scenarios

  • HPCaaS cloud computing platform
HPCaaS cloud computing platform

HPCaaS cloud computing platform

Flexible cluster building and auto scaling

You can use Alibaba Cloud ECS, EGS, VPC, and NAS instances to build parallel computing clusters and dynamically adjust the nodes and the storage of the clusters as needed.


  • Instant service availability

    Once you create an E-HPC cluster instance, the ECS, EGS, NAS, and related RDS and OSS services immediately become available with the cluster.

  • Auto scaling

    You can create clusters according to the early cluster scale and dynamically scale the number of clusters when running code. You are not affected by the limits set by on-premises physical clusters.

  • Logical segregation

    The data center infrastructure management (DCIM) and data segregation are secured by the native ECS, EGS, and VPC features of Alibaba Cloud.

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