Elastic High Performance Computing

A HPCaaS cloud platform providing an all-in-one high-performance public computing service

E-HPC Pricing

E-HPC is billed for the following items: ECS instances, E-HPC service, Network Attached Storage (NAS), and external Internet traffic of logon nodes.

NOTE: If you have a large cluster, you can contact us by submitting a ticket in order to purchase at a discounted rate.

Cost of ECS Instances

When you activate an E-HPC cluster, each node in the cluster is an ECS instance and the price varies depending on the selected ECS instance hardware configuration. When you create an E-HPC cluster, purchase of Alibaba Cloud ECS is automatically completed. You don't need to prepare ECS instances in advance. If you are entitled to a discount for ECS, you can enjoy the same discount when buying ECS instances for E-HPC activation.

ECS Pricing ECS Pricing

ECS Billing DetailsECS Billing Details

Pay-As-You-Go Pay-As-You-Go

Cost of E-HPC Service

E-HPC provides the multi-dimensional management of your cluster, scales in or scales out the instances to meet your demand, and integrates with the features of OpenAPI, monitor and alert, O&M tools, and automatic server O&M in the background. The charge is calculated by core-hours of users. If the total number of cluster cores of a user in a region is smaller than 200 (vCPU), no charge is collected. If the total number is greater than 200 (vCPU), $0.003 US is charged for each extra core-hour.

Cost of NAS Space

NAS is used as the shared storage space for all nodes in an E-HPC cluster. For pricing details, please refer to NAS product documents.

Cost for External Network Traffic of the Logon Nodes

After an E-HPC cluster is created, logon nodes are bound with EIPs and allocated public bandwidth by default. Traffic is billed by usage per hour. Fees are only charged for outbound traffic. Inbound traffic is free.

For example, if you use 10GB of outbound public traffic in an hour, the charge is 10GB × price per GB ($ amount per hour). Traffic fees vary from region to region.

Total Cost for E-HPC cluster

The total cost of an E-HPC cluster is determined by the total price displayed on the price calculator when you create the cluster.

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