Alibaba Cloud DNS

A secure, fast, stable, and reliable authoritative Domain Name System (DNS) service. Alibaba Cloud DNS helps
enterprises and developers convert human-readable domain names into machine-readable IP addresses and
then routes user requests to required website or application servers.

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Stability and Reliability
Delivers SLA-guaranteed service availability of 100% to ensure that your websites or applications run stably.
Processes up to hundreds of millions of DNS queries per second and protects your websites or applications against DNS attacks.
Intelligent DNS Resolution
Returns IP addresses based on your geographical locations. Resolution lines cover 6 major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and their provincial branches in China, 6 continents and 88 countries and regions outside China.
Global Nodes
Provides 19 DNS cluster nodes worldwide and the DNS smart acceleration service to allow you to access the closest nodes with low latency.


  • Basic Resolution

    Record Types

    Supports the following types of DNS records: A, AAAA, CAA, MX, CNAME, TXT, NS, and SRV.

    URL Forwarding (302 Redirect)

    Supports up to 10 implicit or explicit URL forwarding records.

    Subdomain Management

    Supports independent authorization management for second-level and third-level subdomains. The number of DNS records for subdomains is unlimited.

    Minimum TTL

    Allows you to set the minimum time to live (TTL) to 1 second for the changes to DNS records to take effect.

    Load Balancing

    Supports up to100 IP addresses that are used for load balancing in a single line of a domain name.

    Weighted Round-robin

    Supports A and CNAME records.

    Query Statistics

    Collects statistics of DNS queries for primary domain names and subdomain names.

    Batch DNS Resolution

    Improves DNS resolution efficiency by processing batch tasks asynchronously in the background at high speed. Up to 10,000 DNS records can be processed within 10 minutes.

  • Intelligent DNS Resolution

    Lines Outside China

    Supports Oceania, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Africa.

    Subdivided Lines Outside China

    Supports 6 continents, which cover 88 countries and regions.

    ISP Lines

    Supports China Unicom, China Telecom, China Mobile, CERNET, Dr. Peng Telecom & Media Group, and China Broadcasting Network.

    Subdivided ISP Lines

    Supports 6 major ISPs, which cover 31 provinces.

    Region Lines

    Supports Central China, North China, Northeast China, East China, South China, Southwest China, Northwest China.

    Subdivided Region Lines

    Supports 7 regions in China, which cover 31 provinces.

    Custom Lines

    Supports intelligent DNS resolution for lines based on custom IP address ranges.

  • DNS Security

    DNS Query Attacks

    Supports real-time attack detection and abnormal traffic handling, and processes up to hundreds of millions of DNS queries per second.

  • DNS Traffic Analysis

    Statistics on DNS requests

    Analysis of DNS request sources

    Analysis of matched DNS lines

    Analysis of DNS response characteristics

    Query for DNS response logs

  • DNS Monitoring

    Wide Coverage of Nodes

    Deploys more than 1,000 nodes in China. These nodes are distributed in the provinces and regions of major ISPs in China.

    Real-time Monitoring and Alerting

    Performs 24/7 monitoring to promptly identify exceptions and send alerts to O&M personnel.

    DNS Hijacking Mitigation

    Monitors the domain name hijacking status in real time to reduce the probability of DNS hijacking to a certain extent.

    Rapid DNS Resolution

    Reduces the recursive process of public DNS servers to accelerate DNS resolution.

  • Secondary DNS

    Disaster Recovery and Backup

    Secondary DNS provides disaster recovery and backup for your DNS. If your DNS server fails, the secondary DNS server can continue to provide DNS services to ensure that your business system is still accessible.

    Load Balancing

    To achieve load balancing, you can use the secondary DNS server and your DNS server to provide DNS services at the same time. To protect your DNS server, you can use only the secondary DNS server to provide DNS services.

    Secure and Effective Resolution

    Secondary DNS provides efficient DNS services based on the global node distribution of Alibaba Cloud DNS, and protects your websites or applications against DDoS attacks.

  • Public Recursive DNS

    App Hijacking Prevention

    HTTP-based DNS resolution bypasses local DNS servers and prevents cache pollution issues.

    Multiple Access Methods

    Supports access of apps and IoT devices through APIs and SDKs for Android/iOS/HarmonyOS.

    DNS Sync&Update

    Enables recursive DNS to work with authoritative DNS to update resolution results in seconds.

  • Global Traffic Manager

    Health Check

    Allows you to perform protocol-based health checks to retrieve the status of application services through the ICMP, TCP, HTTP, and HTTPS protocols.

    Multiple Access Policies

    Supports access policies based on geographical locations and access latency to implement nearby access.

    Automatic Failover

    Supports load balancing between multiple IP addresses. This ensures that fault detection and failover can be completed within 1 minute at the earliest and guarantees the security and stability of application services.

  • Global Nodes

    Distribution of Nodes in China

    China (Beijing), China (Shanghai), China (Shenzhen), China (Hangzhou), China (Heyuan), China (Zhangjiakou), China (Chengdu)

    Distribution of International Nodes

    China (Hong Kong), Japan (Tokyo), Singapore, Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), India (Mumbai), Indonesia (Jakarta), Australia (Sydney), US (Virginia), US (Silicon Valley), Germany (Frankfurt), UK (London), UAE (Dubai)

Typical Scenarios

Alibaba Cloud DNS covers full-process scenarios for users. It optimizes the entire DNS resolution process starting with the domain name access initiated by clients. Alibaba Cloud DNS provides policies such as cache prefetching and intelligent DNS resolution to improve website access experience and ensure the security and reliability of the full DNS process.


  • DNS Hijacking Prevention

    Prevents the risks of local DNS cache pollution and DNS information leakage.

  • Fast resolution based on the cooperation of authoritative DNS and recursive DNS

    DNS information is prefetched from clients and then pushed by Alibaba Cloud DNS, and authoritative DNS works with recursive DNS to reduce dependencies on third-party systems.

  • Backup for disaster recovery to improve business security

    Supports various scheduling policies such as access based on geographical locations and access based on latency. Address pools are backed up to each other in advance to ensure business stability and continuity. The health check feature is provided to discover faults and perform failover quickly.

  • Guarantee of business stability and reliability

    The DDoS mitigation system developed by Alibaba Cloud supports over 10 Tbit/s network bandwidth and multiple large-scale traffic scrubbing centers around the globe, which can easily deal with an ultra-large volume of DDoS attacks.

Defense Against DNS Query Attacks

For users of live streaming, video, games and social networking, DNS security + high anti-IP can be purchased and used together, and protection measures have been added in both the parsing request and the website site, so that the website will be more secure.


  • Anti-DDoS Protection

    Prevents service interruptions caused by massive DNS resolution requests sent to victim DNS servers.

  • DNS Bounce-back denial-of-service attack with Broadband Exhaustion

    Solve the problem that a large number of hosts forge the victim IP to send query request packets to a large number of open recursive DNS servers on the Internet, block the network of the victim DNS servers, and cause business interruption.

  • Hundreds of Millions of DNS Queries per Second

    Resolves the issues of high business traffic and high QPS resolution requests in large-sized enterprises.

Fast, Stable, and Secure Terminal Access

Provides a fast, stable, and secure DNS resolution service for various terminals, such as mobile terminals, apps, and IoT devices in DNS over HTTPS (DoH) or DNS over TLS (DoT) mode.


  • Accelerated Terminal Access

    Allows terminals to access the nearest nodes. Recursive DNS resolution is not required for access to about 50% of the domain names in China. Access to these domain names can be directly routed to the requested nodes.

  • Stable DNS Resolution for Terminals

    Deploys hundreds of servers worldwide to provide sufficient bandwidths. This achieves stable access to nodes.

  • Efficient Anti-hijacking for Secure Access

    Bypasses local DNS servers of Internet service providers (ISPs) to prevent domain hijacking and protect user privacy.

Interaction with GTM to Route Traffic to Acceleration Areas

Suitable for enterprises with cross-region and cross-border business, such as international enterprises expanding business in China and Chinese enterprises with overseas business.


  • User Access Acceleration

    To accelerate Internet access, Alibaba Cloud DNS and Global Traffic Manager (GTM) can work together to route traffic to acceleration areas that are deployed with Global Accelerator (GA) and nearest to users.

  • Health Check and Failover

    GTM provides health check and failover capabilities for the acceleration areas of GA and origin servers. This improves the security and stability of enterprise websites.

  • Fast Disaster Recovery Design

    Interaction between Alibaba Cloud DNS and GTM is cost-effective and easy and needs a short preparation period. Enterprises can efficiently build the disaster recovery architecture without the need to change the existing website architecture.

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