Block Storage

Block-level data storage attached to ECS instances to achieve high performance, low latency, and high reliability

Block Storage is a block-level data storage service attached to Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances and features low latency, persistence, and high reliability. Block Storage enables automatic replication within the same zone to avoid data loss caused by hardware failures and guarantee the stability and continuity of your workloads. You can manage Block Storage as you manage disks. For example, you can partition Block Storage devices that are attached to ECS instances and create file systems for Block Storage devices. You can also use Block Storage devices to achieve data persistence.


High Reliability
Deploys disks in a distributed architecture to guarantee 99.9999999% data reliability that is much higher than that of physical disks.
High Performance
Provides a single disk with the random read/write performance that reaches up to 1,000,000 input/output operations per second (IOPS). Each disk achieves 4,000 MB/s sequential throughput. You can select required disks to serve your workloads.
Supports storage capacities of up to 32 TiB on each disk and allows disk scaling without service disruption.
Enables simple and efficient data backup based on snapshots. You can meet industry compliance requirements by using the Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) model to encrypt data in disks.


Online Scaling

Scales out disks without service disruption. You do not need to restart ECS instances or detach disks during scaling.

Data Protection

Creates snapshots for disks to support data protection, data recovery, image customization, and application disaster recovery.

Data Encryption

Supports data encryption and eliminates the need for users to build or maintain individual key management systems.

I/O Isolation

Enables storage input/output (I/O) isolation for enterprise-level instances. The connection between each ECS instance and all associated disks is assigned dedicated bandwidth. This feature bypasses storage I/O contention among different ECS instances and guarantees stable and consistent storage I/O performance.


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