DBStack is an all-in-one database management platform provided by Alibaba Cloud. This platform provides full coverage for all online transaction processing (OLTP), online analytical processing (OLAP), and NoSQL database services and comprehensive database ecosystem services. DBStack delivers reliable, secure, and cost-effective database solutions to meet the requirements of enterprises for data production and integration, real-time data processing, data analysis and discovery, and data development and management.


Rich Database Services
Provides full coverage for all OLTP, OLAP, and NoSQL database services. OLTP services include Distributed Relational Database Service (PolarDB-X), PolarDB for Oracle, PolarDB, ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL, and ApsaraDB RDS for PostgreSQL. OLAP services include AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL and AnalyticDB for MySQL. NoSQL database services include ApsaraDB for Lindorm, ApsaraDB for Redis, and ApsaraDB for MongoDB.
Comprehensive Database Ecosystem Services
Provides comprehensive database ecosystem services, such as Data Management (DMS), Advanced Database & Application Migration (ADAM), and Data Transmission Service (DTS). DMS manages database objects and their data. ADAM evaluates heterogeneous database migration from traditional databases to DBStack. DTS migrates data from databases to DBStack or other services, synchronizes data between databases, and allows other services to subscribe to the latest data for subsequent processing.
Deployment across Multiple Infrastructure Platforms
Allows you to deploy services across multiple IaaS platforms. Supports deployment on physical and virtual servers that run Linux operating systems
Cloud Native Management Capabilities
Integrates all cloud native management capabilities of Alibaba Cloud database services, including high availability, scalability, performance optimization, manageability, cost-effectiveness, and security compliance, to deliver a minimum recovery point objective (RPO) of zero and a recovery time objective (RTO) of less than one minute
Integrated Database Solutions
Provides various database services and comprehensive ecosystem services to deliver reliable, secure, and cost-effective integrated database solutions to meet user requirements
Comprehensive O&M and Technical Support
Provides 24/7 real-time technical support


Enhanced Disaster Recovery Capabilities

Provides disaster recovery solutions with a minimum RPO of zero and an RTO of less than one minute

Zone-Disaster Recovery Across Data Centers

AnalyticDB for MySQL, AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL, and ApsaraDB for Redis can use high-availability zone-disaster recovery across two data centers. ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL, PolarDB, and ApsaraDB for Lindorm can use high-availability zone-disaster recovery across three data centers.

Disaster Recovery in Three Data Centers across Two Regions

Provides PolarDB-X based disaster recovery solutions with a minimum RPO of zero and an RTO of less than one minute

Convenient Switchover and Failover

Provides convenient switchover and failover operations to improve system robustness during routine disaster recovery drills and ensure service continuity even if system exceptions occur

End-to-End Monitoring and Logging

Provides end-to-end monitoring for performance data, database and SQL logs, and database events in all database engines

Persistent Data Storage

Provides distributed and high-availability capabilities for independent data storage

End-to-End Plug-in-Based Data Collection

Uses plug-ins to collect data from database engines, hosts, and middleware systems and add more collection objects at low costs

Various Log Types

Supports time series data, log data, and full-text indexes

Real-Time Data Analysis

Allows you to build data warehouses in real time to store up to tens of billions of data records and analyze data within seconds

Real-Time Streaming Writes at Millions of TPS

Supports AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL, which uses multiple frontend nodes to write data in real-time concurrently at a rate of up to one million transactions per second (TPS) in a single instance

Complex Analysis on Tens of Billions of Data Records within Seconds

Supports AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL, which uses a massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture and a vector computing engine to utilize the hardware and improve the execution efficiency. AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL also supports indexes and column storage acceleration to enable complex analysis on tens of billions of data records within seconds.

Support for Distributed Transactions

Supports distributed transactions to ensure strong consistency, Snapshot Isolation (SI), and Read Committed (RC) isolation

Highly Compatible with Oracle

PolarDB for Oracle can meet the needs for Oracle compatibility.

Compatibility with Oracle Syntax

Provides common Oracle features such as partition tables, database links, and stored procedures

Advanced Specifications and High Capacity

Deploys dedicated instances with up to 88 cores and 710 GB of memory. Decoupled storage and compute capabilities allow you to scale storage endlessly.

Intelligent Read/Write Splitting

Provides intelligent analysis of SQL statements and implements read/write splitting automatically. Balance loads on multiple nodes automatically and support custom business loads

Spatio-Temporal Data Engine

Provides a built-in spatio-temporal data engine to process spatio-temporal and vector data

Distributed Relational Database Services

Provides distributed relational database services that are highly compatible with MySQL

Transparent Distribution

Solves the bottlenecking issues of standalone instances to ensure smooth upgrades, provides compatibility with upstream and downstream ecosystems, and supports online scaling to process highly concurrent traffic without changes to service logic

Data Reliability in Finance Industry

Provides strong transaction consistency based on the Paxos algorithm, delivering an RPO of zero for cross-zone data replicas

Robust Performance

Processes data at a rate of up to 0.14 billion TPS, which is enough to handle peak traffic during the Double 11 Global Shopping Festival

Hybrid Loading

Provides real-time analysis of online data, OLTP and OLAP isolation, archived data compression, and petabytes of data processing

Cloud Native Platform Management Capabilities

Provides comprehensive PaaS management services on public cloud databases

Highly Scalable Architecture

Uses storage and compute separated architecture and resource pools, allowing you to provision and scale resources on-demand within minutes.

High Scalability

Adds read-only nodes within minutes, enables automatic read/write splitting, and provides read-only and active geo-redundancy

High Availability and High Reliability

Delivers an RTO of less than one minute and a minimum RPO of zero, supports lightning-fast data backup and restoration, and provides deletion protection for instances

High Security

Provides protection in pre-, mid-, and post-event phases, provides Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) and SQL audit for kernel data, and authenticates system, security, and audit administrator accounts to ensure high security.


Replace Traditional Centralized Oracle Databases Based on PolarDB for Oracle

Most core system architectures of traditional enterprises, especially early financial enterprises, are based on the traditional Oracle database. Insurance companies are a good example of this, where traditional databases manage data. The lack of resource scalability and visibility results in low resource utilization and high operating costs. PolarDB for Oracle is highly compatible with Oracle and allows traditional database architectures to be migrated quickly to cloud-native architectures, achieving scalability and reducing costs.


  • Low-Cost Transformation from Oracle

    Combines PolarDB for Oracle, Data Transmission Service (DTS), and Advanced Database & Application Migration (ADAM) to transform from Oracle at a low code optimization cost

  • Efficient Scalability Based on Cloud-Native Management Capabilities

    Offers lightning-fast scalability to scale resources within minutes

  • High Performance and High Concurrency

    Processes data at 1,000 times the speed and a response speed at 1/351 of the original Oracle solution after data is migrated from Oracle databases to DBStack

Build Large-scale Distributed Database System Based on PolarDB-X

Mobile apps require high throughput capabilities to publish millions of user messages and display numerous discussion topics every day. A large-scale distributed database system can be built based on PolarDB-X to solve the read and write bottlenecks of the traditional single-database or single-table architecture and improve user experience.


  • Large-Scale Data Storage and Storage Expansion

    Offers distributed sharded databases and tables to increase the storage capacity and improve the concurrent query performance

  • Heterogeneous Index Tables

    Improves the performance of user-defined multi-dimensional queries

  • Global Secondary Indexes

    Reduces the cost of partition keys, optimizes distributed queries, and reduces latency when heterogeneous index tables are used

  • Ecosystem Compatibility

    Supports SSL and PREPARE protocols, SQL languages such as DML, DAL, DDL, and DCL, advanced SQL syntax on objects such as views, common table expressions (CTEs), and window functions, most MySQL functions and information_schema views, and common MySQL clients

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