Dataphin (Coming Soon)

As a unified PaaS platform for intelligent data creation and management at Exabyte Scale, Dataphin applies Alibaba Group’s unique and proven OneData, OneID & OneService technologies to help enterprises thrive in the new era of data intelligence.

Dataphin is designed to help users create and manage intelligent and unified data assets and empower innovation. It provides a comprehensive one-stop solution including data integration, warehouse modeling, identity and profile distilling, asset management, and data services.

Using Dataphin’s integration service, users can unify an organizations’ data assets from different computing and storage environments and use warehousing service to automate data warehouse design and development. With Dataphin’s distilling service, users can also create rich profiles around uniquely identifying business entities such as customers and products.

The product's asset management function manages the organization’s entire data assets, allowing users to intuitively search for data, guarantee data application performance, and understand and optimize data costs. Dataphin's data service module also provides a query interface and APIs to support analytics and a range of SaaS-based data applications.


Data Metric Standardization
Dataphin automatically detects and eliminates contradictory metrics at scale to prevent duplications and contradictions even when hundreds of analysts are defining tens of thousands of metrics simultaneously.
Data Warehousing Development Automation
By automating code generation, Dataphin can turn data warehousing ETL work from days to minutes and machine-generated code is intelligently optimized to save computation and storage cost.
Theme-based Data Services
Dataphin’s theme-based service module allows analysts to query data from a business perspective, without the need to understand complex tables. Alibaba Cloud’s in-house assessment shows that this can simplify queries by up to 80%.
Comprehensive & Automated Data Asset Management
Using auto-generated 360-degree meta data, Dataphin can automatically create a panoramic data asset map, and can reliably perform data lineage analysis all the way from application to data source.


  • Intelligent Data Master Design

    Data architecture design service

    Model a complex business portfolio into well-structured data domains and create a robust data model architecture master design as the first step towards successful data asset development

  • Quick Source Data Synchronization

    Data synchronization service

    Regardless of data source complexity, Dataphin’s superior compatibility support satisfies cross-device, cross-format, and cross-domain data synchronization requirements

  • Automatic Data Model Development

    Automatic data warehousing service

    Provides comprehensive and executable warehousing standard definitions, visual model design, and intelligent and automated code generation capabilities

  • OneID-based Entity Profiling

    Entity identity linking and automated profile labelling service

    Simplifies algorithm development work around key business entities such as consumers, and turns complex entity identification, relationship linking and profiling development work into simple drag-and-drop operations

  • Unified Data Asset Management

    Data asset management service

    Gain a clear status overview of data assets, rapidly search and access data assets, smartly optimize data computation and storage efficiency, trace data applications, and measure the overall cost and benefit of each segment of data

  • Theme-based Data Queries

    Convenient data query service

    Read and use data from a business perspective without the need to worry about complex physical data tables behind theme-based logical data views

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