Automate performance monitoring of all your web resources and applications in real time

CloudMonitor collects monitor metrics of Alibaba Cloud resources and custom metrics. The service can be used to detect the availability of your service and allows you to set alarms on specific metrics. CloudMonitor enables you to view and fully understand the usage of the cloud resources, and the status and health of your business, so that you can act promptly to ensure the availability of your application when an alarm is triggered.


Ready for Use
No coding is required. You can set up CloudMonitor and alarms through the wizard in a few steps.
End-to-end Monitoring
A comprehensive service that monitors the basic resources, application availability, and also custom business metrics.
Flexible Alarms
You can set alarms based on different scenarios, and send alarms using multiple methods.
Improves Maintenance Efficiency
Allows you to manage cloud resources that are used in different applications by group.


  • Real-time Monitoring with Various Functionalities

    More than 30 metrics are collected every second. Supports process monitoring, availability monitoring, hybrid cloud, and external server monitoring.

    Metrics collected in seconds

    Provides more than 30 monitor metrics that are updated every second to let you view the smallest changes.

    Process monitoring

    Collects CPU and memory consumption of most active processes.

    Availability monitoring

    Detects the connectivity of specific URLs and ports, and immediately sends alarms when exceptions occur.

    Hybrid cloud monitoring

    Collects metrics of external servers, and monitors your cloud and local applications.

    Ready for use

    Collects various metrics of ECS instances by default. Allows you to view the CPU utilization, network transmission rate, and disk I/O without installing additional plugins.

  • End-to-end Monitoring Platform

    An end-to-end monitoring platform that provides basic monitoring, network monitoring, and business monitoring.

    A variety of metrics

    Metrics that involve multiple cloud services such as computing, storage, networking, and database service are provided. You can log on to view monitoring data and set alarms after you purchase the instances.

    Network testing and monitoring

    Simulates and sends user requests to your site from nationwide terminal nodes to test and monitor the network quality provided by network operators all over the country.

  • Manage Applications by Group

    Allows you to manage the business resources that are used in different products and regions.

    Manage resources based on your business

    Allows you to group the resources in your account by business type. Therefore, you can manage the monitoring and alarm information based on business.

    Reduces management costs

    Provides templates for setting alarm rules. You can quickly know the impact of an alarm. Quickly improves maintenance efficiency and removes the need to set alarm rules for each individual instance.

  • Flexible and Accurate Alarms

    Allows you to set alarm rules for various system and custom metrics. Supports multiple methods to send alarms.

    Send alarms using multiple methods

    Allows you to quickly send alarms using multiple methods, such as email, DingTalk, and AliWangwang.

    Custom alarm thresholds

    Supports custom alarm thresholds to meet various business scenarios.

  • Visual Dashboard

    The visual dashboard provides comprehensive monitoring information and allows you to create custom reports in a few steps.

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