WUYING Workspace (EDS)

A convenient and secure cloud-based Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution

Enjoy Work Anytime Anywhere

WUYING Workspace enables quick and convenient creation and deployment as well as centralized management and O&M for desktop environments. You can quickly create a secure, high-performance, and cost-efficient cloud desktop without making large hardware investments upfront.

WUYING Workspace is widely applied in fields such as finance, design, video, and education that have high requirements for secure data management and control and high-performance computing.

Secure and Reliable

Data is stored in the cloud, which reduces the risks of data leaks. Data access protocols are securely encrypted and storage reliability is 99.9999999% (nine 9's).

On-demand Deployment

You can deploy cloud desktops on demand, and access your cloud desktops anytime, anywhere, and from any EDS clients.

Support for GPUs

WUYING Workspace supports high-performance display protocols such as image design and modeling protocols to meet video editing requirements.


Efficiency & Flexibility

Cloud desktops are flexible to purchase and managed in a centralized, efficient, and convenient manner.

Efficient desktop management

WUYING Workspace allows you to quickly create, assign, and release cloud desktops, which significantly reduces the amount of time required to get IT facilities ready, and makes it more efficient to deliver desktops.

Wide range of configuration specifications

A wide range of configuration specifications are provided to meet the needs of different scenarios.

On-demand purchase and creation

On-demand purchase and creation greatly reduce the amount of time required to prepare IT assets and respond to temporary and contingent desktop needs.

Fast access

WUYING Workspace allows you to access cloud desktops anytime and anywhere over the Internet by using the EDS clients installed in Windows and macOS operating systems.

Support for a variety of USB peripherals

WUYING Workspace supports USB redirection. You can connect peripherals such as USB flash drives, U-Keys, printers, and scanners to cloud desktops.

Security & Reliability

WUYING Workspace provides highly reliable data storage as well as effective protection against data leaks.

Protection against data leaks

Data is stored in the cloud rather than on local clients, and is displayed only as pixels by using encrypted remote protocols.

Managed USB peripherals

You can control the enabling and disabling of USB peripherals as well as the read/write permissions of USB flash drives.

GPU-accelerated Desktop

High-performance GPU-accelerated desktops are provided to support industry-specific scenarios such as design and modeling.

Application to scenarios that require GPUs

High-performance GPU-accelerated desktops are provided to meet the requirements of industry-specific scenarios such as graphic design, modeling, film making, and video editing. EDS can be used in conjunction with Alibaba Cloud OSS, Apsara File Storage NAS, and E-HPC to offer efficient and comprehensive solutions.


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