Blockchain as a Service

BaaS provides secure, stable, easy-to-use, and open blockchain cloud services to build an Internet featuring mutual trust and efficient collaboration.

Simplifies Blockchain Development

Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) is an enterprise-level platform service based on leading blockchain technologies. This service helps you build a secure and stable blockchain environment, save the costs of operations and maintenance, and facilitate business development. BaaS supports Hyperledger Fabric, Ant Blockchain technologies, and Quorum.

The Alibaba Cloud blockchain service is the product with the largest number of primary patents. The actual landing scene has exceeded 60+, becoming one of the most commercialized products.

High Security and High Stability

In addition to a wide variety of security strategies and multi-tenant isolation of Alibaba Cloud, BaaS also provides advanced security protection using chip encryption technologies.
Based on highly reliable data storage, this service provides end-to-end and highly available services that can scale up quickly without interruption.

Ease of Use

Provides enhanced administrative functions to help you build an enterprise-ready blockchain network environment with ease, so that you can focus on business innovation.

Openness and Sharing

Native support for standard blockchain applications and data. This service supports mainstream open-source blockchain technologies, such as Hyperledger Fabric, to build an open and inclusive technology ecosystem.


Quick Deployment
Supports quick deployment of blockchains for enterprises without concerns of complex configuration. BaaS provides out-of-the-box services.
Consortium Management
Allows you to create consortia, invite and approve the participant that is involved in the business to join the consortium, and manage the business.
Organization Management
Allows you to easily manage the enterprises that are in the business consortium, manage the users in the organization, and grant business application access to the blockchain service.
Chaincode Management
Allows you to manage the smart contracts (chaincode) in the organization and the business, including the period of overwriting installation, creating instances, and updating.
Security Service
Provides CA certificate service. Supports cryptographic algorithms recommended by China's authorities and SGX security protection. Creates a multi-dimensional blockchain security system.
Application Access
Provides standard Fabric SDKs, ant blockchain SDKs, built-in connection information, and certificates to accelerate development.
Permission Management
Provides a graphical management of organizations and users. Supports RAM users and sub-accounts and enterprise-ready management and monitoring.
Supports blockchain browsers and connections to CloudMonitor to monitor the blockchain state in real time and give automatic alerts.


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