API Gateway

API Gateway provides you with high-performance and highly available API hosting services to deploy and release your APIs on Alibaba Cloud products.

API Gateway provides API lifecycle management services, including API publishing, management, maintenance, and monetization. It enables simple and fast microservice integration, front and back end separation, and system integration at low costs and low risks. You can use API Gateway to share functions and data with your partners and third-party developers.


Easy Maintenance
Provides API documentation, SDKs, and API version management to reduce the daily maintenance costs.
API Gateway activation and API management are free of charge. You only need to pay for APIs that you have called.
Auto Scaling and High Performance
API Gateway supports distributed deployment and auto scaling to respond to large numbers of requests with low latency.
Security and Stability
API Gateway supports permission management, traffic throttling, monitoring, and alarms. You can allow API Gateway to access your services in the intranet without causing any security issues.


  • Easy API Management

    Provides easy-to-use API management tools and functions.

    API Lifecycle Management

    Supports API lifecycle management, including API definition, testing, and publishing. API Gateway is an easy-to-use service for daily API and version management. It also supports hot upgrade and quick rollback.

    Easy-to-Use Tools and Documentation

    Provides visualized debugging tools and automatically generates API documentation and SDKs to reduce labor costs.

  • Security and Stability

    Provides permission management, traffic throttling, monitoring, and alarms.


    API requests must pass the identity and permission authentication process to pass through an API gateway and reach backend services. Supports HMAC-SHA1 and HMAC-SHA256 signatures and SSL encryption.

    Traffic Throttling

    Throttles the maximum number of API calls that can be made in one minute, one hour, or one day. This feature protects backend services for enterprises and enables business and user prioritization.
    Supports traffic throttling based on the priority of APIs to ensure that your business is running stably.
    Supports traffic throttling based on the priority of users or applications to guarantee the service uptime for important users. You can also use a circuit breaker to handle backend service failures.
    You can throttle the maximum number of API calls that can be made in one minute, one hour, or one day.

  • Request Management

    Filters out invalid requests through parameter validation. Parameter conversion allows you to use one API to use multiple services.

    Parameter Validation

    API Gateway validates parameter types and values to reduce the resource consumption and overhead for handling invalid requests in the back end. The validation methods include the value range validation, enumeration, regular expressions, and JSON Schema.

    Parameter Conversion

    API Gateway allows you to create parameter mapping rules to transform backend services to the forms required by different users. This feature enables services to share functions and helps you avoid developing the same function for each service.

  • Monitoring and Alarms

    Integrates with CloudMonitor to provide monitoring and alarms. Improvements are still being made to this feature.

    Monitoring and Alarms

    Supports real-time and visualized API monitoring, which allows you to monitor API calls, calling methods, response time, and error rates. This feature enables you to learn the API running status and user behavior.
    Allows you to customize alarm rules to generate alarms when an exception occurs and save time troubleshooting.
    In later updates, you will be able to subscribe to data analysis reports and intelligent analysis.

  • API Market

    Provides an all-in-one solution for API management and monetization.

    API Market

    APIs managed by API Gateway can be published to Alibaba Cloud API Market as services. API Gateway and the API Market provide the metering, billing, quota control, operations, and monetization features of APIs.

Customer Scenarios

  • Embrace the API Economy
  • Build Enterprise API Ecosystem
  • Compatibility with Multiple Platforms
  • System Integration
Embrace the API Economy

Embrace the API Economy

Embrace the API Economy to Build New Business Models

To cope with changing user needs in multiple scenarios, enterprises must develop new business models. API Gateway provides standard APIs, allowing application developers to develop new services by integrating these APIs with their applications. This allows enterprises to build business ecosystems and innovate in different industries.


  • API Monetization

    API Gateway allows you to publish APIs to Alibaba Cloud API Market for API monetization. Developers can purchase these APIs in the market to obtain the corresponding features, services, and data.

  • Feature Purchase

    Allows you to purchase third-party features and services in the API Market so that you can focus on developing your core business. This prevents unnecessary development efforts and allows you to focus on developing the core business.

Build Enterprise API Ecosystem

Build Enterprise API Ecosystem

API Ecosystem Enables In-depth Partnership

Enterprises need reliable partnerships to cope with current challenges. An API ecosystem allows you to share services, features, and data with your partners in APIs, and integrate your systems. This enables strong in-depth partnerships.


  • Partnerships

    Allows you to integrate your system with your partner's system through open APIs. This enables strong in-depth enterprise cooperation and facilitates the development of both enterprises.

  • Enterprise Ecosystem

    Open APIs enable an enterprise to expand and build partnerships with different enterprises in different industries.

Compatibility with Multiple Platforms

Compatibility with Multiple Platforms

One API for Multiple Platforms

Due to the large amount of mobile terminals and IoT applications, API compatibility with multiple platforms and more complex system architectures are required to scale your business. API Gateways enables API compatibility with multiple platforms. You only need to change the definition of an API at API Gateway to use the API in different platforms.


  • API Integration

    Allows you to maintain only one service system and change the API definition in order to use the API in Apps, IoT devices, or web browsers.

  • Low Maintenance Costs

    Reduces the maintenance costs by allowing you to maintain one API for multiple scenarios, terminals, users, and service priorities.

System Integration

System Integration

Standardized and Normalized System Integration

Quick growth is the key to a successful enterprise. However, quick growth may result in repeated product development and silo architectures, which wastes resources. API Gateway enables the integration of enterprise systems.


  • Standard System Integration

    API Gateway standardize system interfaces for easy integration.

  • Focus on Business Development

    API Gateway integrates and manages resources to avoid waste of resources. You can focus on business development instead of resource integration.

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