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AnalyticDB for MySQL is a real-time data warehousing service that can process petabytes of data with high concurrency and low latency. It is fully compatible with the MySQL protocol and SQL:2003 syntax and can perform instant multidimensional analysis and business exploration for huge amounts of data.

Case Study & Demo | How AnalyticDB for MySQL Helps Gaming Companies to Achieve One-Stop Data Analysis

AnalyticDB for MySQL is a high-performance data warehousing service that is secure, stable, and easy to use. It allows you to easily create online statistical reports, multidimensional analysis solutions, and real-time data warehouses. AnalyticDB for MySQL uses a distributed computing architecture that enables it to use the elastic scaling capability of the cloud to compute tens of billions of data records in real time. AnalyticDB for MySQL stores data based on relational models and can use SQL to flexibly compute and analyze data. AnalyticDB for MySQL also allows you to easily manage databases, scale in or out nodes, and scale up or down instances. It provides various visualization and ETL tools to make enterprise data processing easier.


Flexible Computing and Fast Response
Provides instant multidimensional analysis and can explore large amounts of data in milliseconds.
Stability and Security
Provides a high-availability architecture with multi-copy redundancy to ensure the security of user data.
Highly Concurrent Access
Meets the requirements for querying large amounts of data at high QPS rates.
Dynamic Upgrade/Downgrade and Elastic Scaling
Allows you to flexibly scale your business to save costs.


Flexible Computing

Capable of computing large amounts of data, allowing you to flexibly explore data and quickly discover data value.

No Prior Data Modeling Required

Provides comprehensive value indexing and block indexing technologies, allowing you to query data without any prior data modeling.

Fast Response

Uses an ultra-large scale engine that integrates MPP with directed acyclic graphs (DAGs), allowing you to query large amounts of data within milliseconds.

Ease of Use

Compatible with MySQL databases. AnalyticDB for MySQL is easy to learn and use.

Compatibility with MySQL

Fully compatible with the MySQL protocol and SQL:2003 syntax. AnalyticDB for MySQL can easily analyze and integrate data by using standard SQL syntax and existing BI tools.

Ease-of-use Assurance

Provides an intuitive graphical management console as well as complete documentation and manuals. The computing engine intelligently optimizes queries.

Availability Assurance

Isolates storage from computing resources, and supports multi-copy data storage and dynamic resource management for always-on connectivity.

High-availability Architecture

Uses a distributed architecture that provides high availability and low latency and can handle high-concurrency queries.

Secure Design

Provides column-level permission management and uses a public/private key mechanism to secure data.

Unique Features

Provides many unique features to help you analyze data more efficiently.

High-performance Automatic Indexing

Automatically creates the most suitable index format for each data column, allowing you to focus on more important work.

Data Migration

Supports multiple data migration tools and solutions, allowing you to quickly import and export data.

Support for Real-time Data Operations

Supports high-concurrency real-time data insert, update, and delete operations.

Intelligent Query Optimization with CBO and HBO

Implements intelligent scheduling of computing resources among distributed clusters.

Multi-version Hybrid Row-Column Storage

Allows you to write and query millions of records in real time.

AnalyticDB for MySQL Query Performance Tuning Guide

Beginning with an introduction to the features of AnalyticDB for MySQL V3.0, this document describes the tuning principles of SQL development, common tuning problems, tools provided by AnalyticDB for MySQL for query execution plans optimization , etc., which gives you an impressive MySQL query performance tuning practice.

Setting up Database Performance Benchmarking on Alibaba Cloud

This document gives you a guidance to implement database performance tests based on commonly used benchmarks, including the Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) and sysbench benchmarks.


  • Real-time Data Warehousing
  • Real-time Computing Service
Real-time Data Warehousing

Real-time Data Warehousing

Enterprise-level Online Data Warehouse Construction

AnalyticDB for MySQL provides real-time computing statistics of business metrics, and uses data visualization tools to display business trends in real time, such as real-time statistics of transaction orders and monitoring of the running status of vehicles and devices.

Challenges that AnalyticDB for MySQL can Address

  • Dynamic Monitoring of the Business Dashboard

    AnalyticDB for MySQL can be used to monitor the real-time status of business operations throughout the country. For example, a clothing chain manufacturer uses the fast computing capability of AnalyticDB for MySQL to monitor the sales orders of 1,500 stores in China in real time.

  • Real-time Interactive Query

    An interactive query and analysis platform is built based on AnalyticDB for MySQL. You can select various query conditions from the platform to explore and analyze data.

Real-time Computing Service

Real-time Computing Service

Online Data Service Applications

AnalyticDB for MySQL is used to build a real-time computing business system to overcome problems of traditional databases, such as inability to perform quick multi-table join queries on large amounts of data.

Challenges that AnalyticDB for MySQL can Address

  • Multi-table Join Queries

    AnalyticDB for MySQL can perform join queries on multiple large tables and is ideal for complex data service scenarios such as real-time route planning and profile analysis.

  • Highly Concurrent Write Operations

    AnalyticDB for MySQL can perform highly concurrent write operations on large amounts of data and is suitable for building data systems that require writing large amounts of data.

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