Application Configuration Management

Centralizes the management of application configurations and performs real time configuration push in a distributed environment.

ACM will be End of Service on May 21, 2023. All functions will be disabled and data will be deleted. The features provided by ACM will be implemented by Nacos of Microservice Engine (MSE).

Application Configuration Management (ACM) allows you to centralize the management of application configurations. This makes for more convenient management of configurations and enhances service capabilities for such scenarios as microservices, DevOps, and big data. ACM's predecessor was Diamond, the internal configuration center for Alibaba's Taobao.


Security and Compliance
Separates sensitive information from application code and running environments. Encrypts the configurations to secure the configuration information.
Real-time Configurations
Supports configuration monitoring. Configurations are synchronized within seconds to ensure consistency in a large distributed environment.
Advanced Version Management
Provides functions such as quick rollback, modification audit, and push logs.
High Performance and High Reliability
Provides a multi-level cache service and ensures 99.99% server availability to enable disaster recovery on the client. Your business is not affected by service interruptions.


  • Multi-language and multi-framework support

    Supports computer-programming languages and frameworks including Java (Spring-Cloud), Node.JS, and Python.

  • Software version management

    Supports software version management and other release functions such as phased release and software version rollback.

  • Configuration push log

    Supports push log for configurations during the entire life cycle. Tracking information includes release details, subscription details, and push details.

  • Single-user environmental segregation

    Supports safe segregation of configurations used by the same account for different environments including development, testing, and production based on multi-tenant namespace segregation.

Customer Scenarios

  • Dynamic Configuration in Distributed Applications
  • Agile Configuration Management of DevOps
Dynamic Configuration in Distributed Applications

Common scenarios for dynamic configuration in distributed applications

Fast management of distributed architectures through dynamic configuration

Under the distributed architecture, configurations are dynamically pushed from the user access layer, business logic layer, and data access layer to the whole domain.


  • Phased release

    Embeds the phased logic into the access layer to effectively control the coverage of the phased release.

  • Throttling and downgrading

    Based on the Filter function of each RPC framework or the distributed architecture client, throttling, downgrading, and even active/stand-by switchover are achieved through dynamic configuration push.

  • Dynamic routing

    Combines with unified access or the Filter function of RPC frameworks to realize service routing based on dynamic configuration.

Recommend Products:

Agile Configuration Management of DevOps

Agile configuration management of DevOps

Optimized DevOps process through configuration management

Fully optimizes the efficiency of the operation and maintenance at no security risks through centralized dynamic configuration in the DevOps process.

Product features

  • Real-time master of configuration conditions

    Controls the push status and time limit of each configuration in real time through tracing configuration pushes.

  • Tenant segregation

    Offers safe segregation for the configurations of an application in multiple environments including development, testing, and production.

  • Various phased release and rollback methods

    Configuration push supports phased release and quick rollback, which facilitates the iterative release of software versions.


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