Channel Partner Program

Enrich your solution portfolio and expand your business scope by being a channel partner with Alibaba Cloud.

Why Channel Partner

Alibaba Cloud Channel Partner is an essential part of Alibaba Cloud Ecosystem, and also acts as base program of Alibaba Cloud Ecosystem. Our channel partner can sell Alibaba Cloud's products to customers for standalone sale, or incorporate Alibaba Cloud products into partner offers and sell to the customers.
Channel Partner has both basic programs and advanced programs. The basic programs focus on basic business models including agency, reseller and distributor. While the advanced program will focus on selected verticals or selected market to demonstrate Alibaba Cloud unique advantage. Alibaba Cloud provides channel partners effective supports, including training and enablement system, go-to-market support, sales & operation support, and technology support.

Channel Partner Programs

Alibaba Cloud Agency Program

Agencies promote Alibaba Cloud products and solutions to their customers . When customers consume cloud resources, Alibaba Cloud will provide them invoices, and customers pay Alibaba Cloud directly. Agency will earn commission according to Agency contract with Alibaba Cloud. Agency business model is open for legal enterprise entity only.

Alibaba Cloud Reseller Program

Resellers can sell their customers Alibaba Cloud products and solutions, or bundle with their own solutions and sell. Alibaba Cloud will provide resellers monthly consolidated invoice for overall spending of customers, and reseller will pay Alibaba Cloud directly in discounted price. Then resellers will provide their customers invoices and collect payments accordingly. The resellers’ discount is based on Reseller agreement with Alibaba Cloud. Reseller business model is open for legal enterprise entity only who have dedicated sales and technical team to sell Alibaba Cloud.

Alibaba Cloud Distributor Program

Distributors can recruit tier 2 resellers to sell Alibaba Cloud's products to more customers. Alibaba Cloud will provide distributors monthly consolidated invoice for overall spending of distributor and their subaccount, and distributor will pay Alibaba Cloud directly in discounted price. Then distributors will provide their subaccounts invoices and collect payments accordingly. The distributor’s discount is based on distributor agreement with Alibaba Cloud. Distributor business model is open for legal enterprise entity only who have dedicated sales and technical team to sell Alibaba Cloud, and also experience to recruit and manage tier 2 resellers.

Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Cloud (Zstack) Partner Program

Alibaba Cloud ZStack is the hybrid cloud product,launched by ZStack and Alibaba Cloud. Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Cloud Partner (Zstack) program targets to recruit capable partners to be authorized to provide Zstack plan, design and resale services to customer. Candidate can also join Zstack MSP program to provide integration & delivery and managed services further.

Alibaba Cloud Network Expert Program

Alibaba Cloud Network Expert Partner Program targets to recruit Alibaba Cloud channel partners, who can demonstrate their expertise in Alibaba Cloud network products. As Alibaba Network Expert Partner Program, not only partner can receive Alibaba Cloud dedicated training on network products and solutions, but also eligible to join Alibaba Cloud Network Promotion Campaign.

Alibaba Cloud New Retail Partner Program

As one of the world’s biggest retail commerce companies, Alibaba spearheads a new form of retail, merging the best of online and brick-and-mortar retail into an omnichannel consumer experience. With Alibaba Cloud technology support, Alibaba is in the midst of revolutionizing traditional supermarkets and shopping malls to support smartphone-powered digitized in-store shopping experiences, changing how consumers shop for everything from groceries to cars. Now Alibaba Cloud is prepared to recruit channel partners to evolve narrative of the digitization of all retail together. The candidate needs to finish Alibaba Cloud channel partner basic program first, and then apply for new retail partner program. For details, please consult your Alibaba Cloud channel manager.

Alibaba Cloud Go China Partner Program

As the NO.1 cloud provider in China, Alibaba Cloud continues to drive digital transformation and enables business success for millions of customers worldwide. For international enterprise customers who have business in China, they can always find support from our go China partner on cloud migration and others, so they can tap into and scale up in China. Alibaba Cloud Go China Partner Program is focus on partner who have business entity in China only and meet Alibaba Cloud China site terms & conditions. For details, please contact ACPN at

Partner Voices

Elite Channel Partner

Alibaba Cloud provides very comprehensive training and certification exams to Sunthy Cloud team. For major projects, Alibaba Cloud team and Sunthy Cloud work together to communicate with customers and coordinate resources to solve customer problems.

—— Sunthy Cloud

Elite Channel Partner

Alibaba Cloud team provides professional solutions and great supports to backup NC Services Limited in Asia market, making us a fruitful achievement in cloud business during past four years. Big thanks to Alibaba Cloud!

—— NC Services

Elite Channel Partner

We believe Indonesia companies have much to benefit from Alibaba cloud's solutions, from optimizing security of data to increasing speed of scalability. Alibaba Cloud delivers services with high standards of quality but very affordable pricing.


Elite Channel Partner

As one of leading IT solution partners in Indonesia for last 8 years, Bluepower technology collaborates with Alibaba Cloud to give right cloud solution for Indonesia businesses, just like what Alibaba Cloud has done for businesses across the Asia.

—— PT Bluepower

Onboard Process


Register Alibaba Cloud Account


Apply for Channel Partner Program


Application Processing and Contract Signing


Channel Partner Master Account Setup


Channel Partner Journey Starts

Program Benefits

Partner Training and Certification

  • Alibaba Cloud provides partner dedicated training portal to ensure channel partner can enjoy a quick training support. Key contents are covered as follows
  • Alibaba Cloud basic sales & operation training, including channel platform training and billing management training
  • ACA/ACP/ACE certification training courses

Marketing Support

  • Eligible to apply Market-development-fund to hold customer events to create leads
  • Enjoy ACPN badge and certificate to demonstrate partnership with Alibaba Cloud and partner current tier level
  • Qualified partners can join Alibaba Cloud tier program to demonstrate their profession and customer service capability

Sales Support

  • Co-sell from Alibaba Cloud sales team and technical team on key opportunities follow up
  • Eligible to join partner only events to capture more business opportunities together with Alibaba Cloud
  • POC support from Alibaba Cloud on opportunities
  • Dedicated Alibaba Cloud channel manager support to maximize opportunities

Partner Tiers

Elite Partner

Open for channel partners who complete Premium Partner program with at least 100,000 USD average monthly revenue+ at least 10 ACP certificates + at least 20 active customers

  • Get ACPN Elite Partner badge and certificate

  • Eligible for Market Development Fund

  • Featured on Channel Partner Portal

  • Premium partner benefits

Premium Partner

Open for channel partners who complete Selected Partner program with at least 10,000 USD average monthly revenue+ at least 4 ACP certificates + at least 5 active customers

  • Get ACPN Premium Partner badge and certificate

  • POC support for new project

  • Co-marketing and co-branding opportunity with Alibaba Cloud.

  • Selected partner benefits

Selected Partner

Open for channel partners who complete Standard Partner program with at least 5,000 USD average monthly revenue+ at least 2 ACP certificates + at least 2 active customers

  • Get Selected Partner badge and certificate

  • Company profiles listed on Alibaba Cloud channel partner list

  • Discount on Technical Trainings

  • Standard Partner benefits

Standard Partner

Open for channel partners who are just onboard Alibaba Cloud Channel Partner program or current performance is temporally below Selected Partner program benchmark

  • Access to Alibaba Cloud Partner Network

  • ACPN newsletter subscription

Top Partners


1. FAQ Question 1: What are requests in order to be a channel partner of Alibaba Cloud?

Different channel partners have different requests, and basic request are that the applicant should have legal entity in their country, and also certain capabilities and customer base.

2. FAQ Question 2: What are key differences between agency, reseller and distributor?

Agency partner is recommending fresh customers into Alibaba Cloud, and get commission if the customers consume Alibaba Cloud resources. While reseller and distributor make profit by price gap between discounted price and subaccount purchase price. And compared to reseller, distributor can develop tier 2 reseller to expand the business coverage.

3. FAQ Question 3: Does Alibaba Cloud offer business system for channel partner to manage their business?

Alibaba Cloud provides channel partner the Alibaba Cloud Channel Platform for their daily business management. The Channel Platform is consist of customer management, bill management and coupon management. Alibaba Cloud has prepared channel platform training material when partner is officially onboard.

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