New Features

XSS Attack Detection Enhanced

Dec 21 2018

XSS attack detection is enhanced to detect vulnerabilities and prevent attackers from injecting malicious code into a webpage. Attackers can launch XSS attacks to steal your account information, obtain control over your data, and make illegal transfers.

Target customers: Users who have online businesses, including e-commerce, finance, Internet industries, government, and enterprise users. Features released: XSS attack detection. XSS attacks are one of OWASP's top 10 web application vulnerabilities in 2017. When a new page of an application contains unreliable, unverified, or escaped data, or you use a browser API that can create HTML and JavaScript to update an existing web page, XSS attacks may occur. Attackers launch XSS attacks to execute scripts in your browsers. These attacks can hijack sessions, sabotage your websites, or redirect you to a malicious website. Website Threat Inspector can detect the following three types of XSS attacks: Stored XSS, Reflected XSS, and DOM-based XSS. You can use Website Threat Inspector to check whether your website is vulnerable to these XSS attacks.

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