New Features

Web Application Firewall (WAF) - WAF 3.0 bot management supports bot traffic analysis, canary release rules, and back-to-origin traffic marking

The bot management module of WAF 3.0 allows users to configure canary release rules and mark back-to-origin requests.

Target customers: users who want to protect websites or apps from crawlers and flood attacks. Features released: 1. Canary release bot management rules can be configured for a specific proportion of IP addresses, sessions, and custom fields. This reduces the risk of service interruptions due to invalid rule configurations. 2. The intelligent protection and threat intelligence features support back-to-origin traffic marking. Users can add specific HTTP headers that contain the protection results of the bot management module to the requests that WAF receives and forwards to origin servers. 3. The bot management module analyzes bot traffic and provides information about the crawlers and APIs that require protection for users.

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