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AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL - Version 7.0 Released

AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL V7.0 is released to provide significantly improved performance, upgraded enterprise-class capabilities, and enhanced security capabilities.

Target customers: all users. Features released: 1. Significantly improved performance 1) A hybrid row-column storage engine that is developed in-house by Alibaba Cloud is provided to help you handle both OLTP and OLAP workloads. 2) A compute engine that is developed in-house by Alibaba Cloud is provided. This improves performance more than five times based on vector computing and higher computing capabilities for partitioned tables. 2. Upgraded enterprise-class capabilities 1) Stored procedures that are compatible with traditional data warehouses are supported, without the need to call functions to implement business logic. 2) Tiered storage of hot data and cold data is supported. You can archive and compress historical data to reduce storage costs of cold data. 3) Full-text search capabilities are enhanced to facilitate analysis scenarios for large amounts of text data, such as log analysis. 4) All window functions that meet the SQL ANSI-2011 standard are supported to help you migrate data from traditional data warehouses and implement multi-dimensional data analysis. 5) Access from external data sources such as Hadoop, E-MapReduce, MySQL, and PostgreSQL is supported by using external tables to implement federated computing. 6) Data access across AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL instances and databases is supported by using extensions. 3. Enhanced security capabilities 1) Permission control based on rows and columns is supported to implement the finest-grained permission control and the least sensitive data access. 2) Dynamic data masking is supported to filter and protect sensitive information based on masking rules. 3) The SM4 symmetric encryption algorithm is supported.

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