New Features

Version 2.3 Released

Aug 07 2019

The new release provides an overview of attack surface data and supports export of the data. It also provides a new detection details page, new risk asset details page, and optimized asset search function.

Target customers: customers with assets on the public network. Features released: Cloud Security Scanner v2.3 -Redesigned the task instance details page The task instance details page is redesigned to display attack surface data and instance overview, allowing you to quickly view the information about running instances and attack surfaces. The list of risk assets is also added to allow you to quickly preview the risks of your assets. -Added a detection details page You can gain a full understanding of security issue audits and learn about the security detection items, including databases, middlewares, and open source modules. You can identify whether items are risky, and make appropriate adjustments. -Optimized the vulnerabilities details page After vulnerabilities are grouped, you can simultaneously process different vulnerabilities within each category. You can also filter vulnerabilities by task instances and assets. This feature improves the efficiency of your risk management. -Added an attack surface details page and the export function On the attack surface details page, you can gain a comprehensive overview of attack surface details for the enterprise. You can learn about attack surface information, such as the enterprise domain name, subdomain name, Web servers, Web applications, and port services. This feature helps you understand hidden attack surfaces to better plan and organize assets. -Added a new risk asset details page You can learn more about the risks and attack details of the assets for each hostname and domain name. This feature helps you to better organize and sort out assets in a more specific manner. -Optimized the asset search function You can search for assets by using domain names or CIDR blocks (for example, This allows you to quickly retrieve different groups of assets and improve the efficiency of asset management and task creation.

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