New Features

Simple Log Service (SLS) - Trail Chart, Bubble Chart, and Lifecycle Chart Available in Log Service

Trail chart, bubble chart, and lifecycle chart are available in Log Service.

Target customers: users who need to implement visualized analysis. Features released: 1. Trail charts: uses an AMap to display the trail of a target over a period of time. A trail chart can be created based on points of interest (POI) or latitudes and longitudes. 2. Lifecycle charts: display the load time of tasks. A rectangular block in a lifecycle chart indicates when the loading of a task is started and ended. The length of the rectangular block indicates the duration of the loading. 3. Bubble charts: display the correlation between different categories of data. The correlation is displayed by comparing the position and area of the bubbles on the chart. You can use this type of chart analyze the correlation between different categories of data.

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