New Features

Simple Log Service (SLS) - The LogReduce Feature Released

Logstore adds the LogReduce feature, which can uncover the patterns behind the logs during the analysis process, and improve the success rate for identifying important information.

Target customers: Developers, O&M personnel, and security analysts. Features released: After enabling the LogReduce feature in Logstore, you can use the log_reduce() function to perform pattern clustering for massive logs. Logs with similar structures are automatically grouped into the same category. This feature produces the following benefits. *Intelligence: Seamlessly applies to many log formats. For example, Log4j, delimiters, and JSON. *Fast analysis of massive logs: Completes analysis of hundreds of millions of logs within seconds. *Interaction: Signs signatures for pattern-clustered logs to trace back to raw logs. *Flexibility: Supports filtering logs based on the rules you set before pattern clustering. Supports comparing different versions of clusters (pattern-clustered logs). Supports manually adjusting the granularity of data (the number of patterns to categorize logs) for pattern clustering. You can quickly perform a smart analysis of massive logs to pinpoint the root cause of errors.

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