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IoT Platform - Supports Unique-certificate-per-product Authentication Whitelist

Jul 13 2020

IoT Platform
IoT Platform can use the unique-certificate-per-product method to authenticate devices without the need to import a device whitelist in advance. This allows you to connect devices to IoT Platform in an efficient manner.

1. When IoT Platform uses a unique-certificate-per-product whitelist to authenticate devices, you must enable the dynamic registration feature at the product level. After you enable the feature, you do not need to pre-register devices. A device SDK allows devices to automatically obtain identities. You can write these certificates to devices. 2. IoT Platform allows you to manage client IDs. If IoT Platform detects multiple connections from the same device with multiple client IDs, it indicates that the identity of the device leaked and are being used for malicious purposes. IoT Platform allows you to send security alerts, add client IDs to a whitelist, and remove client IDs from the whitelist. This ensures that only devices with secure and trusted client IDs can connect to IoT Platform. 3. You must use an SDK that is integrated with DAS. This allows you to connect devices to IoT Platform by using a unique-certificate-per-product whitelist to authenticate the devices. DAS is provided by IoT Platform and used to control risks due to security events that occur on devices. You must bear the liability of security risks due to the failed integration of DAS.

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