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IoT Platform - Supports Scheduled Firmware Updates and Retries

Jan 08 2019

IoT Platform
IoT Platform now supports scheduled firmware updates and retries on failures. You can also choose the devices that need to be updated.

Target customers: IoT Platform users that use the firmware update feature. Features released: 1. Static updates allow you to update immediately or at scheduled points in time. The specified update time must be five minutes later than the current time. This feature allows you to update firmware during off-peak hours of your business. 2. Static and dynamic updates support retries on failures. You can set the retry time intervals and the maximum number of retries. This helps you avoid update errors. 3. Specified updates are supported. You can choose the version that you want to update your firmware to. After a version is specified, matching devices are automatically filtered out for you to choose from. After a device is specified, matching versions are filtered out for you to choose from. You can choose up to ten versions that you want to update to.

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