New Features

Web Application Firewall (WAF) - Supports Reporting and Scenario-based Configuration in Bot Management in WAF V6.3.0.0

The bot management module of Web Application Firewall (WAF) is upgraded to improve protection capabilities and user experience. The upgrade includes a scenario-based configuration wizard, reporting, intelligent protection, and bot traffic analysis.

Target customers: users who need to manage and mitigate bot traffic. For example, e-commerce platforms, Internet information providers, and airlines can use the bot management module to solve issues that are caused by bot traffic. These issues include auto-purchase bots, data breaches, and unstable system performance. Features released: 1. WAF allows you to specify business scenarios such as logon, registration, ticket availability checking, and product detail pages. 2. WAF recommends combinations of protection policies based on the business scenario that you specify. 3. WAF supports new features including intelligent protection, bot traffic analysis, and automatic compatibility of asynchronous interfaces. 4. WAF allows you to view scenario-specific protection reports. 5. WAF allows you to implement canary release before you apply a protection policy. This avoids potential errors caused by changes.

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