New Features

Supports Read/write Splitting and Reduces Read Requests Routed to the Writer Node

Feb 07 2020

When the database consistency rules are followed, PolarDB for MySQL routes SQL queries to reader nodes to reduce the workloads on the writer node. This guarantees stable performance of the writer node.

Target customers: users who connect to PolarDB for MySQL by using cluster endpoints and users who want to reduce the workloads on the writer node in some scenarios. For example, they use PolarDB for MySQL to process a large number of reads and writes, where more reads are required than writes. Features released: after you enable Offload Reads from Primary Node, common read requests are not routed to the writer node. The read requests within the same transaction that requires consistency are still routed to the writer node. If your workloads do not require high consistency, you can set Consistency Level to Eventual Consistency to reduce the number of read requests routed to the writer node. You can also enable Transaction Splitting to route read requests to reader nodes before a transaction starts. By default, Offload Reads from Primary Node is enabled for new instances and disabled for existing instances. You can enable or disable this feature when you modify cluster endpoint configurations at your convenience.

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