New Features

ApsaraDB for Redis - Supports New Features Related to Instance Connection

ApsaraDB for Redis and Tair now support new features related to instance connection to help you quickly get started with these two services.

Target customers: all users. Features released: 1. The display of instance endpoints in the ApsaraDB for Redis and Tair consoles is optimized. The endpoints of instances that do not have IP addresses added to whitelists or password-free access enabled are hidden. If you want these endpoints to be displayed, add an IP address to a whitelist or enable password-free access for the specific instance. 2. The connection diagnostics feature is added to the Connection Information section on the Instance Information page in the console. You can use this feature to quickly troubleshoot instance connection issues. 3. The display of the Account Management page is optimized. This page provides each instance with descriptions and examples on how to log on to the instance. This helps you learn about the account types of ApsaraDB for Redis and Tair.

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