New Features

Simple Log Service (SLS) - Supports Mobile SDK V2.0

Log Service supports mobile SDK V2.0. You can use advanced features such as asynchronization, concurrency, retry policy, offline caching, and contextual query.

Target customers: users who need to report and analyze data on mobile terminals. Features released: 1. Asynchronous writing is supported. No client-side threads are blocked. 2. Aggregation and compression are supported. You can aggregate and upload data based on the timeout period, number of log entries, and log size. The LZ4 compression algorithm is supported. 3. Multiple instances are supported. You can create multiple instances and send the instances to different destination Logstores. You can configure the collection priority, cache size limit, destination project and Logstore, and aggregation parameters for each client. If you have multiple clients, the paths of files that are uploaded by using resumable upload must be different. 4. The cache mode is supported. You can set the limit of cache size. No data can be written if the specified cache size is exceeded. 5. Custom tags and topics are supported. 6. The resumable upload feature is optimized. The logs are stored to a local binlog file before they are sent. The logs are deleted only after they are successfully sent. This ensures that logs are uploaded at least once. 7. Contextual query is supported. You can view the contextual log entries of a specified log entry and locate issues.

7th Gen ECS Is Now Available

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