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Cloud Backup - Supports Inventory Feature to Back Up OSS objects

Jul 15 2021

Cloud Backup
Hybrid Backup Recovery (HBR) allows you to use the inventory feature of Object Storage Service (OSS) to back up a large number of OSS objects at a higher speed and lower cost.

Target customers: users of Alibaba Cloud OSS. Features released: HBR now supports the inventory feature of OSS to back up OSS objects. This feature can reduce your costs for calling OSS API operations. For example, you need to back up 100 million OSS objects once a week. If you do not use the inventory feature, you are charged CNY xxx to xxx for the read traffic during the backup process. However, if you use the inventory feature, you are charged less than CNY 1 for storing inventory lists per week based on the current billing methods of OSS resources. (This fee may vary with different scenarios). In addition, HBR can retrieve incremental data from OSS inventory lists. This way, you can speed up incremental backup of OSS objects by tens of times.

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