New Features

Elastic Container Instance (ECI) - Supports for Job-optimized Instances

You can run short duration jobs on elastic container instances to improve resource utilization and reduce computing costs. Job-optimized elastic container instances provide multiple benefits. For example, a job-optimized elastic container instance can be started in seconds.

Target customers: Customers who frequently run jobs and have containerized business. Features released: Job-optimized elastic container instances are suitable for job-related scenarios. These instances have better performance than regular elastic container instances in terms of startup speed and concurrency. Job-optimized elastic container instances allow you to access external services only from inside the instances. For example, you can access the Internet and Apsara File Storage NAS (NAS) and Object Storage Service (OSS) in your virtual private cloud (VPC).

7th Gen ECS Is Now Available

Increase instance computing power by up to 40% and Fully equipped with TPM chips.
Powered by Third-generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors (Ice Lake).

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