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Cloud Config - Supports Delivery of Alerts about Non-compliant Resources

Feb 28 2020

Cloud Config
If non-compliant resources are used, Cloud Config sends alert notifications.

Target customers: all enterprise users of Alibaba Cloud and certified third-party audit institutions. Features: You can subscribe to resource-related events that occur in the Cloud Config console. Events are classified into resource change events, non-compliant resource events, and events in which the system pushes resource configuration snapshots to OSS. You can use filter conditions to subscribe only to events of specific types or non-compliant resource events of specific risk levels. You must specify the endpoint of the MNS topic that you want to use to receive event notifications. When events occur, Cloud Config sends alert notifications about the events. This way, you can receive messages about the changes in cloud resources and the non-compliant risks that occur in real time. Then, you can use various methods to consume event alerts that are received by the MNS topic.

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