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Cloud Storage Gateway (CSG) - Supports Data Replication

The data replication feature of file gateways allows users to save data in a local cache and Object Storage Service (OSS) bucket. This improves access performance and data security.

Target customers: users of Classified Protection of Information Security or disaster recovery and data backup 1. Supermarket chains, financial and insurance companies, examination and certification organizations, and educational institutions 2. Branch offices of large companies Features released: Cloud Storage Gateway now supports the data replication feature. The feature allows users to back up critical data of the specified files by using two-way asynchronous replication. This ensures high data reliability. 1. By default, the data replication feature is enabled for the specified directories. The files in the specified directories is stored in two copies by using two-way asynchronous replication. One copy is stored in a local cache and the other copy is stored in an OSS bucket. 2. The files in unspecified directories are stored only in a local cache. These files are deleted from the local cache after the metadata of these files is stored. This allows users to increase the utilization of local storage space.

7th Gen ECS Is Now Available

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