New Features

Server Load Balancer (SLB) - SLB supports consistent HASH algorithm (Layer-4 supports QUIC protocol and UDP session persistence)

SLB supports consistent HASH Algorithm

Target customers: Users who want to use the Layer-4 QUIC protocol and require UDP session persistence Release functions: SLB supports consistent HASH, and offers various HASH algorithm factor options: 1. HASH based on QUIC ID can achieve QUIC protocol scheduling under Layer-4; 2. HASH based on source IP can achieve TCP and UDP session persistence; 3. HASH based on 5 tuples can enable the same stream to be allocated to the same back-end server. The optimized consistent HASH algorithm has a huge advantage over the normal HASH algorithm. For example, the avalanche effect is much less likely to occur during back-end server changes, thereby greatly enhancing system stability and availability.

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