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WUYING Workspace (EDS) - Service Upgrade of WUYING Workspace and Free Bandwidth for New Cloud Computers

WUYING Workspace rolls out the streamlined buy page to facilitate fast purchase of cloud computers. Each cloud computer has a 5 Mbit/s bandwidth, which is free of charge.

1. Service upgrade: a. The service name is upgraded from Elastic Desktop Service (EDS) to WUYING Workspace. Fast purchase is supported. When users purchase cloud computers, each cloud computer has 5 Mbit/s bandwidth for free. b. Workspaces are upgraded to office networks. c. Internet access packages are upgraded to premium bandwidth plans. 2. Users on the China site (aliyun.com) can purchase resources in the WUYING Workspace console that is streamlined. This facilitates users can quickly create and configure cloud computers on the streamlined buy page. 3. The cloud environment configuration page on the professional buy page is optimized. Users can flexibly switch basic bandwidth plans or select premium bandwidth plans based on business requirements. 4. Users who purchase cloud computers in the regions on the China site (aliyun.com) have 5 Mbit/s bandwidth per cloud computer for free. 5. Workspaces are upgraded to office networks, and Internet access packages are upgraded to premium bandwidth plans. The management page for office networks and premium bandwidth plans are optimized.

7th Gen ECS Is Now Available

Increase instance computing power by up to 40% and Fully equipped with TPM chips.
Powered by Third-generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors (Ice Lake).

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