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IoT Platform - Rule Compute Moved to the Rules Tab

Jan 08 2019

IoT Platform
Rule Compute on the Extended Services tab has been moved to the Rules tab and renamed to Scene Linkage.

Features released: 1. The previous Rule Engine tab has been renamed to Data Flow. Data transmission rules can be used to run simple processing tasks on the data that is reported from devices and transfer the processed data to other topics or services. JSON and binary data formats are supported. 2. Rule Compute has been moved to the Rules tab and renamed to Scene Linkage. You can directly use this feature without enabling it. Scene Linkage rules provide visualized programming methods to develop automated business logic. The rules are triggered by specified devices or at specific points in time. The triggered rule then executes preset business logic after filtering out the conditions and transfers data to other devices or rules. This connects multiple devices based on scenarios. This feature is only available in the advanced edition.

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