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Cloud Config - Remediation Templates Available for Non-compliant Resources

Mar 31 2020

Cloud Config
Cloud Config allows you to configure a remediation template for a compliance rule. If non-compliant resources are used, you can manually or automatically modify the remediation template to perform batch remediation on the non-compliant resources.

Target customers: all enterprise users of Alibaba Cloud and certified third-party audit institutions. Features: You can configure a compliance rule to monitor and evaluate the compliance of cloud resources. If non-compliant resources are used, the evaluation result of the compliance rule changes to non-compliant. You can configure a remediation template for a compliance rule. If a non-compliant resource occurs, the compliance automatically obtains the ID of the non-compliant resource by using the remediation template and then modify the remediation template. For example, you want to create a required-tags rule and the rule requires that the costCenter:A tag is added to all resources. If the rule finds a resource that does not contain the tag, the rule uses the remediation template that you configured to automatically add the tag to the resource. Remediation templates can help you resolve non-compliant issues, and perform automatic and continuous compliance management in an efficient manner. Remediation templates are supported only for required-tags rules. Alibaba Cloud provides continuous updates for Cloud Config to allow users to enable remediation templates for more rules.

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