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API Gateway - Official release of the third-party authentication plug-in

Dec 15 2022

API Gateway
If the authentication method provided by API Gateway does not meet your requirements, you can configure a third-party authentication plug-in in API Gateway to authenticate API requests by using your authentication service.

Target customers: The third-party authentication plug-in is suitable for users who have the authentication capability and use API Gateway to authenticate API requests. Features released: After API Gateway receives a request, API Gateway calls the authentication service of a user to authenticate the request. API Gateway does not call the backend service until a success response from the authentication service is received. If the authentication service does not return a success response, API Gateway returns an authentication failure response to the client that initiated the request. The following features are supported by the third-party authentication plug-in: 1. Allows users to send custom request parameters to the authentication service. 2. Allows users to cache the responses from the authentication service in API Gateway for a specific period of time to ensure business stability. 3. Allows users to determine the authentication result based on the response code, response header, and response body. 4. Allows users to configure custom responses for authentication failures. 5. Allows users to combine app-based authentication with third-party authentication.

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