New Features

API Gateway - New Version Released with Error Code Mapping, Parameter-based Access Control, Parameter-based Throttling, and Circuit Breaker

Feb 29 2020

API Gateway
The new version of API Gateway is released. New features such as error code mapping, parameter-based access control, parameter-based throttling, and circuit breaker are supported.

Target customers: developers and enterprises. The following features are supported: - Mapping between files and arrays as well as mapping verification - Wildcard domain - HTTPS client certificate authentication In the following plug-ins, the first one is updated and the others are added: - Throttling plug-in: allows you to execute throttling rules based on customized parameters - Access control plug-in: allows you to impose service rule limits on gateways based on customized parameters - Error code mapping plug-in: allows you to change HTTP status codes based on backend responses. - Circuit breaker plug-in: allows you to customize trigger conditions of backend circuit breakers and subsequent behavior.

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