New Features

Object Storage Service (OSS) - New OSS Feature: Upload and Copy Files by Storage Class

A new OSS feature has been released. This feature allows you to upload and copy files by storage class. Available storage classes include standard storage class, IA storage class, and archive storage class.

Intended Customers: large enterprises that need to back up or archive data in the cloud by importing IA or archive class files. Enterprises can use this feature to manage data assets and quickly convert file types. Released Feature: you can use this feature to complete these tasks: 1. Upload files by storage class. When uploading files, you can specify the storage class as standard class, IA class, or archive class. Files are converted to the specified class in real time and you no longer need to wait for the lifecycle manager to take one or more days to complete the conversion. 2. You can change the storage class of the existing files at any time. The files will be converted to the specified class within seconds. 3. Cold data and hot data are exchangeable. OSS allows you to convert hot data to cold data. For example, you can convert standard class data to archive class data. With this feature, you can now convert cold data to hot data. For example, you can convert IA class data to standard class data. This feature enables you to change the storage class of the data for simple data management and consumption.

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