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AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL - New Minor Version Released to Support Partitioned Tables for Real-time Materialized Views

AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL V6.3.6.1 is now available to provide new features for real-time materialized views, partitioned tables, and scheduled tasks, and to allow tables readable during compute node specification changes.

Target customers: all users. Features released: New features for materialized views: 1. Real-time materialized views can be created on partitioned tables. 2. The query rewrite feature is added for materialized views to improve query performance in JOIN, aggregate function, subquery, CTE, and high-concurrency scenarios. New features for partitioned tables: The INSERT ON CONFLICT and COPY ON CONFLICT statements can be used to overwrite data in partitioned tables. New features for scheduled tasks after the pg_cron plug-in is updated to V1.4: 1. Scheduled tasks can be executed across databases. 2. Existing scheduled tasks can be modified. 3. The names of scheduled tasks can be specified. 4. The cron.job_run_details table is added to record the execution information of scheduled tasks. Performance improvements for compute node specification changes: When the compute node specifications are being changed, all tables are readable and only the tables where data is redistributed are not writable. This improvement reduces the impact of compute node specification changes on your business.

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