New Features

AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL - New Minor Version Released to Provide pg_hint_plan and Query Cache

AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL V6.3.7 is now available to provide pg_hint_plan for intelligent optimization and provide query cache for improved business intelligence (BI) query efficiency.

Target customers: all users. Features released: AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL V6.3.7 provides the pg_hint_plan plug-in. This plug-in uses hints to intervene in and optimize execution plans, and registers the optimized SQL patterns and hints. Then, optimized execution plans are automatically generated for SQL statements that use the same SQL patterns to improve execution efficiency. AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL V6.3.7 provides the query cache feature to cache query results. This feature allows repeated queries to be executed within milliseconds and improves analysis efficiency in frequent access scenarios such as BI reports and data dashboards. To use these capabilities, log on to the console and update the minor version of your instance.

7th Gen ECS Is Now Available

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