Experience Enhancements

E-MapReduce - New Console Released

Jan 26 2022

The new E-MapReduce (EMR) console addresses more than 50 pain points and improves page performance by 80%.

Highlight 1: Convenient operations and maintenance ● The intelligent refresh feature is added. Cluster status is updated in real time, and page switching is smoother. ● The speed at which a Dataflow cluster is scaled out is increased by more than three times. The console responds to business demands in a timely manner. ● A dark mode is added to decrease eye strain. Highlight 2: Simplified operations ● A global search box is added to allow you to manage clusters in three steps on any page. ● You can view clusters by cluster status or cluster type in the cluster list. ● A cluster bill module is added to help you know the status of your orders. Highlight 3: Efficient deployment ● You can flexibly select services based on business scenarios when you create a cluster. ● A modifiable configuration list is added to allow you to flexibly modify cluster configuration items. ● OLAP and Dataflow cluster types are added. The speed at which OLAP and Dataflow clusters are created is increased by more than twice.

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