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IoT Platform - MQTT 5.0 Released

Jan 08 2021

IoT Platform
IoT Platform supports MQTT 5.0 to address the pain point that some features are uncompatible with MQTT 3.1.1.

Target customers: users who use the MQTT protocol to connect devices and need to use the new features of MQTT 5.0. Features released: 1. If IoT Platform ends a connection with a device when a heartbeat timeout occurs or the device is kicked offline, IoT Platform can notify the device of the cause. 2. If an error occurs when IoT Platform processes a QoS 1 message, IoT Platform sends an ACK message that carries an error code to the device. This way, the device can resolve the issue in time. 3. IoT Platform topics support alias mapping to prevent long topic names when you send messages of a small size. This allows you to save device resources and reduce traffic cost. 4. MQTT 5.0 supports customizing timeout periods for synchronous calls. You can set a timeout period when you call the RRPC operation. 5. When you use topics to send downstream messages, you can use a custom property to specify the message IDs. This allows you to identify messages when you query IoT Platform logs and device logs.

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