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Anti-DDoS - Improves the Intelligent Protection Feature

Aug 29 2019

You can customize the protection mode and level to help users defend against various DDoS attacks based on their business needs.

The Intelligent Protection feature now supports the warning mode and three protection levels. The warning mode helps users of Anti-DDoS Pro to better understand the actual attack situation, and then take specific protection measures after the analysis of warning logs to avoid false positives. For example, you can turn on Intelligent Protection or manually configure the Blacklist and Whitelist, Geo-blocking, Accurate Access Control, and HTTP Flood Protection. You can adopt different protection levels for different scenarios. For example, you can set the protection level to Low during promotion periods and set it to Normal during regular hours. At the Normal setting, Intelligent Protection can intelligently detect incoming threats and protect websites from malicious attacks. This helps you minimize the impact on business activities,

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