Experience Enhancements

Simple Log Service (SLS) - Improved User Experience of the Console

The user experience of the console and page rendering have been improved. Additionally, the bug of page rendering bug has been fixed.

Features released: 1. Improved rendering performance of the LogSearch/Analytics page. 2. Added collapsing configurations of the content column of the LogSearch/Analytics page. You are allowed to modify the collapsing granularity based on the amount of logs. 3. Updated the resource tree in the left column of the LogSearch/Analytics page and expanded the virtualization area. 4. Added pagination components for charts of table type to ensure rendering performance. 5. Added the Present Day (relative time) and Last 5 Minutes options.6. Synchronized some functions of the Chinese site to the International site. Bugs fixed: 1. Fixed label overlapping when no record exists in Sankey diagrams. 2. Fixed the over-dense display of labels in treemap charts. 3. Fixed js errors when you click tabs on the current page. 4. Fixed duplicate rendering when you edit markdown charts. 5. Fixed the missing title of a dashboard issue when searing the resource tree in the left column. 6. Fixed CSS format errors when you refresh a dashboard in full-screen mode.

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