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ApsaraDB RDS for PostgreSQL - Ganos Released

Ganos for PostgreSQL is released for space-time scenarios.

Benefits: Ganos integrates databases, GIS engines, and space-time computing into a value-added database service. This service uses PostgreSQL databases as the base, develops database engine components based on GPU acceleration and OSS storage capability to provide space-time data with cloud storage, query, analysis, and computing services. Fully compatible with PostgreSQL databases, Ganos provides solutions for space-time scenarios based on its consistent stability, strong capabilities, and unified interfaces. Features released: The current version of Ganos offers the following five modules: GIS geometry databases, moving objects databases, raster databases, routing databases, and point cloud databases. You can import data into databases, store data in databases, quickly query indexes, and perform analysis and computing tasks. Ganos supports integrated storage and has the following characteristics: 1. Supports OpenGIS and is compatible with PostGIS geometry databases. 2. Supports the management of raster databases of satellites and drones. 3. Supports the management of trails in four-dimensional environments created by moving objects , such as humans, vehicle, and aircraft. Ganos is the first commercial moving objects database in the world. 4. Ganos is applied in a wide range of industries and supports network topology analysis and cloud storage and queries of large-scale point clouds. Compared with open-source PostGIS spatial databases, Ganos offers a set of software and hardware with greater performance and models that can analyze trails of moving objects, images, and point clouds. Ganos is developed based on the high availability, read-only instance scaling, and automatic maintenance capabilities of RDS for PostgreSQL and can be applied in a wide range of industries, including location-based services, IoT, transportation, logistics, social media, retail, and geospatial industries.

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