New Features

Simple Log Service (SLS) - Fraud Detection - Action Trail

Fraud Detection has been integrated with Log Service. It allows you to access logs of real-time fraud detection calls and responses. You can use the charts provided by Log Service to analyze user actions.

Target customers: 1. Entertainment, E-commerce, or Internet service enterprises that have a large amount of registrations and logons, and always organize Internet marketing activities.。 2. Finance, stock, E-commerce, and Internet service enterprises that need to provide Internet information and services, and verify the security of end user registrations and logons. 3. Enterprises that have their own security operations centers (SOC) and collect logs of fraud detection responses to manage operations, such as large real estate enterprises, E-commerce retailers, finance enterprises, and government institutions. 4. Enterprises that adopt advanced technology to deeply analyze cloud asset logs and automatically handle alerts, such as IT, game, and finance enterprises. Features released: Action trail based on logs has the following benefits: 1. Easy to use: allows you to collect logs in real time with simple configuration. 2. Real-time analysis: depends on Log Service, provides out-of-box charts, and enables support for interactive data mining. With this function, you can obtain a better insight of the risks in your business. 3. Real-time alerting: allows you to configure near real-time monitoring and alerting based on certain indicators to quickly respond to exceptions. 4. Support for other ecosystems: this function can be integrated with other ecosystems to explore data for real-time compute, cloud storage, and visualization. 5. Time-limited Storage: provides a time-limited (365 days) storage service for storing request and response logs in real time.

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