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Quick BI - Features Added and Upgraded in Quick BI V3.1.3

Jan 10 2019

Quick BI
Quick BI V3.1.3 supports more data sources and collaborative editing. Some of its functions have been upgraded, including data query, cross tabulation, drill down, and permission management.

Target customers: All enterprises that have data analysis needs. Features released: 1. Quick BI Pro now supports more data sources, including Distributed Relational Database Service (DRDS), SAP IQ (formerly known as Sybase IQ), and SAP HANA. It allows you to add columns to different groups. 2. Quick BI now supports Data Lake Analytics (DLA) as a data source. You can connect Quick BI to ApsaraDB for PostgreSQL through SSL or MaxCompute Lightning. You can connect Quick BI to HybridDB for PostgreSQL and HybridDB for MySQL through VPC networks. 3. MaxCompute datasets now support whole table scan. 4. Multiple functions have been added to cross tabulation, including column width adjustment, new align modes, show redirect hyperlinks, and show column settings. You can be redirected to the corresponding tables from cross tables and scatter charts. You can also pass parameters into dashboards. 5. Chart drill down is supported. You can customize the number of drilling items and layers in dashboards. 6. Geo colored maps and geo bubble maps are supported. New TAB styles are added. You can copy charts, view SQL statements, and add and remove TABs. 7. The sharing function now supports user groups. Datasets, dashboards, workbooks, and portals all support collaborative editing. 8. You can set a time frame to query data of date type. You can choose to set a default value or set a time frame (by day or month) for quick query. You can set a value range to query data of text type. You can specify up to three levels for cascade filtering and rename filtering fields. Tree cascade display and tile cascade display are supported. 9. Row-level permission management supports user tags. The set permissions function is added to the workbook menus.

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