New Features

Bastionhost - Automatic Locking of Inactive Users Is Supported in Bastionhost Basic and Bastionhost Enterprise

Dec 06 2023

Fine-grained control of user logons by Bastionhost administrators is supported. A Bastionhost administrator can configure a trigger condition to automatically lock a user who does not log on to Bastionhost for a long period of time.

Target customers: major customers in the finance, public service, and multinational corporation sectors who focus on fine-grained user control policies. Features released: If a user does not need to log on to Bastionhost to perform O&M operations within a period of time, a Bastionhost administrator can manually lock the user or configure a trigger condition, such as entering invalid passwords more than five times consecutively, to automatically lock the user. If the locked user needs to perform O&M operations, the Bastionhost administrator can unlock the user.

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